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ACC injuries at Step Up Podiatry

As many of you will know, we currently are able to offer free ACC appointments for foot and leg injuries. This will be available until December 2015. Our clinics are extremely busy with foot and ankle injuries, especially as it is now winter sports season. If you would like to visit our clinic for an injury, it is best to book as soon as possible as we have one hour initial consultations and 45 minute follow-up consultations to ensure that a thorough assessment is performed and the treatment plan and goals are achieved. This means that it can be difficult to get an appointment but we are working on opening more clinics and hours in the clinics! We now have a late night on Monday till 8pm and an early start on Friday at 7am to accommodate our extra patients :)

If you need an urgent appointment, please let our reception know and one of our podiatrists will call you to either provide advice on how to manage your injury until we can see you or to arrange an out of hours appointment.

Thank you everyone for your understanding!

The team at Step Up Podiatry

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