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Testimonials from our diabetes clinics

As many of our patients are aware, we provide free footcare for any patients who are registered with any GP in Pukekohe or Waiuku. Here is what a couple of our patients have to say about our clinics :)

"My job as a lawnmowing contractor, as well as collecting, splitting, and disposing of firewood, sometimes results in me recieving open wounds, mainly to my feet, arms and hands. My feet also get sore from wearing work boots all day.

Being a diabetic, any cuts and wounds easily become infected and take a very long time to heal. I think regular podiatry visits are helpful as they reduce the number of my Super Clinic visits I am required to attend. Being self employed, any time off work significantly impacts on my income, so being able to visit a podiatrist at the Waiuku Medical Center is a real plus.

Since I have been receiving podiatry treatment, I have noticed postitive changes to the health of my feet. My toenails have become very thick and split, so getting them cut by a professional is extremely helpful."


"Over a period o time I have had a good experience with our local podiatry. I have type 2 diabetes for over 20 years, which has been under control with stable blood sugar levels. I have however, had several problems with my ankles and feet which have been helped by visits to podiatrists. I seem to have lost the senstivitiy in my feet over time and have sustained minor injuries which seem to take some time to heal.

An example of this was when a sharp objeect penetrated the sole of my shoe and pierced my foot. It was difficult to dress the wound as I could not see it clearly without using a mirror, with the result that it took some time to heal until treated by the podiatrist. Since that time regular visits have ensured that my feet my feet remain in reasonable condition at all times with poor feeling in my feet I can aquire damage especially to my toes without realizing it. The regular visits however short, are a valued insurance policy agaist the effects bought on by old age coupled with diabetes, and I appreciate the work done by the podiatrists, saving trips to the Super Clinic or elsewhere"


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