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ACC Injuries


Currently Step Up Podiatry are very happy to offer ACC appointments and ensure that we have ample time to treat your injury and discuss your treatment goals and get you back fighting fit! We are able to refer you for X-ray and Ultrasound images, and if your problem requires further treatment we will be able to refer you to the appropriate specialist.


We are able to treat a wide variety of injuries, and if you have not seen anyone about your problem, we are able to lodge a claim to ACC for you.


Problems we often see in our clinic are:

  • Bruising and impact injuries

  • Foreign bodies (like glass or thorns in the bottom of the foot)

  • Ankle sprains

  • Heel injuries (often in high impact sports like basketball)

  • Any sports leg injuries

  • Cracked or lifted toenails

  • Open wounds on the foot

In most cases the injury must be within the past year but if you have an old injury that is still causing issues please call our clinic to speak to a podiatrist to see if you could still be eligible for treatment cover. If you are visiting us with an existing claim, please bring your details along with you



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