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Kinesio Tape 


Kinesio Taping is a new method of taping that can be used at any stage in almost any injury. It is the colourful tape that you see many of our top athletes sporting on their legs and shoulders. Our sports podiatrists are trained in the application of kinesio tape for acute and chronic foot injuries or for severe bruising (haematoma). Also our pediatric specialist also can apply the tape to improve balance and co-ordination in children with balance problems or neurological disorders. We like to call it magic tape!

Kinesio Taping uses light weight elastic therapeutic tape that mimics qualities of the human skin. This tape is latex free allowing its use on virtually all patients without any allergic reaction. It's been adopted and used by well known athletes, because it enhances muscle performance and prevents further injury and fatigue. It does not limit movement and allows correct movement in injured areas.

It is now used by many therapists and doctors in all individuals, whether competitive athletes or not. Kinesio taping can be used for multiple purposes. Depending on the tension, application positioning and design, it can help decrease tension, promote a muscle contraction and synergy of contractions, as well as edema control. The positioning of the tape as well as the tension given while applying the tape will yield different results. Knowledge of human anatomy and training on tape application is crucial to taping success.

Kinesio tape in dance
anterior leg kinesio tape
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