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Our clinic is ACC registered so if you are claiming from ACC, if you are already registered for an injury please bring in your injury details.


*Please note:

No free consultations

The duration and the cost of our consultations are case dependent (and included administrative obligations). The prices listed below are baseline charges.

Your podiatrist will quote you during your consultation

ACC Consultations

Initial ACC consultation - $30- $50

Follow-up ACC consultation - $20- $30

*ADDITIONAL charges may apply depending on treatment requirements

Click here to find out what types of injuries we are able to help treat

ACC Claims

ACC Custom Orthotics -  Free of charge with ACC7428 approval click here for more information

ACC Semi- Moulded Orthotics - Free of charge (Claim cap depentant)

ACC Nail Surgery - Case dependent. Your podiatry will quote you at your initial appointment

ACC Shockwave therapy - $50

Feet in warm water.jpg
Treatment Add- ons

Relaxing foot soak (containing essential oils & skin softening products - $15

Relaxing foot massage with oil (with hot towel to finish) - $20

Sports massage (20mins) - $40

Finger nail file and shape - $20

Private Consultations

Initial Private Consultation - $65- $75

CSC & Gold Card: initial -  $55- $60


Follow-up: Private (less than 6 months)-  $50 - $60

Medical Pedicure:initial -$85

Medical Pedicure: follow-up -$75

*ADDITIONAL charges may apply depending on treatment requirements

Shockwave therapy - Initial: $70 Follow-ups: $60

Cancellation fee (less than 4hrs notice)- $20


  • Ingrown toenail surgery 
    One toe, one nail border: $300
    One toe, both border: $350
    Two toes 3 borders: $450
    Two toes 4 borders: $500

(price per procedure & dependent on severity. An accurate quote would be provided during a clinical consultation)

  • Verrucae Surgery: $300- $500 - (price depends on area and severity)

  • Fungal nail: light therapy  - $100 1 Nail,   $110 for 2-3 Nails, $140 for 4-6 Nails,   $170 for 7-10 nails  
    (price per session. Pricing  dependent on severity of infection: ONLY AT PUKEKOHE)

  • Semi-Custom insoles Simple (in clinic) - From $90 

  • Semi Custom insoles - FROM $110 up
    Quote cannot be provided over the phone

  • Full custom insoles - $500-$690 (Casting fee $10)
    Quote cannot be provided over the phone

  • Home visits - Starting from $80. Please contact us for a quote

Final quotes for insoles/orthotics will be provided in the initial consultation

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