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Medical Pedicures at Step Up Podiatry


Finally! A podiatry clinic in the Franklin area that provides the luxury of a pedicure with the hygiene of a medical center in. Your feet will be transformed with the safe removal of corns and callus, nails are professionally trimmed, buffed and hydrated, and your feet are soaked, scrubbed, massaged with therapeutic grade essential oils and treated with a hot towel treatment. Pricing is dependent on how much manual general care is provided and requested add-on. Please see below for further information:

Medical Pedicure $65- $85

- Foot soak with: essential oil and/ callus removing products (product add-on)

- Foot scrub (add-on)

- Your toenails are professionally trimmed, filed and buffed

- Hard skin debridement:  removal of any hard skin and corns

- Rough skin is sanded away

- Relaxing massage with warm oil or cream & hot towel compress (add-on)

- Oil treatment for the toenails

- Finished with an application of moisturiser massaged in


*Please note:


  • Due to some medical conditions, you may not be able to have a medical pedicure. Your podiatrist will advise you if you are not suitable for a medical pedicure.

  • Pricing differs depending on the severity of certain foot conditions, this is reflected in the time required to perform the service. Please call or email to confirm pricing.

  • Our podiatrist Carmen offers nail polish application and additional beauty services (e.g. waxing), please contact Carmen for more information (



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