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Ingrown Toenail Surgery


Ingrown toenails are a common but incredibly painful condition. They are often caused by ill fitting shoes, trauma, genetics or by poor toenail cutting. When you visit a podiatrist, they will assess whether or not surgery is right for you. In many instances the corner of the nail can be cut out without anesthesia and the ingrown toenail will be gone. However if you have a family history, or the ingrown toenail is severe or persistent, surgery may help you!


The nail surgery is a small procedure where a portion of the nail is removed and a chemical is applied to stop it from growing back (the chemical has a 98% success rate). It is normally performed under local anesthesia and usually heals completely within 3-4 weeks. You are able to walk afterwards but may need to wear open sandals or shoes for a few days. 


If you would like to have the surgery or have any concerns, call us today on 0800 111 224 to find out more. In some instances ACC can cover part of your surgery if the ingrown nail was caused by an injury.



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