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Step Up Podiatry Pukekohe is excited to introduce the KeryFlex Nail restoration system!

KeryFlex is a pain-free medial grade nail reconstruction system only offered by podiatrists. The system uses a special bonding resin to create a natural looking nail shape and appearance.

It allows the underlying nail to grow out naturally and is not affected by acetone or nail polished.

Results are immediate and achieved is one consultation.


If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nails due to any of the following reasons, KeryFlex could be a perfect treatment for you!

  • Do have uneven or deformed shaped toes due to previous injuries or nail surgery procedures?

  • Do you have brittle splitting nails?

  • Do your nails grow naturally uneven e.g ridges or spoon shaped?

  • Are you nails naturally discolored?

  • Or you just want your nails to look presentable for an upcoming event?

  • You want your nails to look presentable between fungal nail treatments














How is KerryFlex different from beauty services such as acrylic or gel?

  • KeryFlex is designed to work with human tissue and reduced the risk of irritation to the treatment site.

  • It does not damage to the underlying nails and surrounding skin.

  • It is non-porous preventing a moist environment which can lead to problematic fungal toenail infections.

  • It is flexible allows the nails to bend with the natural movement of your feet.



Precautions and indicators of treatment

  • KeryFlex application is a cosmetic procedure and not intended to cure a disease.

  • Can be used in-conjunction with in-clinic fungal nail treatments

  • Using topical anti-fungal product after a Keryflex application: a liquid based product can be applied around the edges of the nail and on the cuticles. Do not use topical anti-fungal products within 2 days of your next Keryflex application.

  • For the best results at least 15% nail plate needs to be present for the application to last on average 4-6 weeks. Some applications can last up to 8 weeks. The treatment can still be performed if less nail is present however the application will only last 3-4 weeks.

  • Minor lifting, cracks and chipping: may occur after 2-3 weeks due to normal wear and tear (natural nail growth and pressure from footwear). The condition of the natural underlying nail and lifestyle factors will affect the duration between applications. Eg. dancing, running, daily gym workouts or wearing shoes that increase pressure on the nails (heels)


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