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Hear what our patients have to say about us!

I had a terrible experience at the doctors with my ingrown toe nail really painful and my toe nail look terrible afterwards but when i had to get it re-done a few month later Carmen really looked after me and it hurt far less and looks amazing considering the sides of my nails are gone. Would never go back to the doctors for my toes. Carmen is very kind and if i can not make it in lets me send photos to see how my toe is going. Could not recommend enough.

S Knight (Auckland)

I suffered with a sore foot for 18mths without a real diagnosis. I went and saw Jess & Carmen at Step Up, and they were so professional & understanding of my issues, long story short 12 weeks later I'm no longer suffering. Carmen has been great, such a positive & friendly lady, and always very informative of what we were doing with the treatment for the torn plantar fascia. Her calf and foot massages were the highlight of my week!

V Marshall (Auckland)

So i have literally just finished surgery on an ingrown toe and i can say i went in there a bit sheepish and wimpy but turns out that was all in my head. Jess G was fantastic and put me at ease and was professional about her business. Would definitely recommend.

Dean (Pukekohe)

Step Up Podiatry really takes care of their customers. I love how they provide free care at times and really take podiatry seriously. Step up really steps it up! Go visit them they will take care of you!!! Thanks for all that you do!

L Jordon

I am so grateful for the great care and professionalism shown to me by Carmen in the healing of my sore toe which had troubled me for some time, I am now back into my sport and enjoying the things I like to do.

I Walker

"I just wanted to let you know that seriously the operation you did on both my big toes was fantastic and I had VERY little pain. This is the third time I have had to  have them done and it is the first time I could actually say I had very little pain considering the previous times it has been done by another Podiatrist.

They healed very quickly and it has been an amazing success and has made such a big difference in me being able to wear closed shoes again.

Thank you so much"


J.Henderson (Pukekohe)


"I wanted to let you know that I love my new orthotics, I've worn them from day 1 and have had no problems with them I seem to be getting less pain with the joint in my large toe....thank you so much."




"I am truly delighted to have this service made available to me, otherwise I would be attacking the nails myself. This would be disasterous as my eyesight is so poor due to diabetes. Very wonderful clinic."

E. O'Sullivan (Waiuku)

Fabulous service by Jessica today for partial permanent removal of the 2 big toenails. First prick of the needle less sharp than having your blood taken. Removal itself absolutely painless. Not kidding. Five hours later now and I'm still enjoying that liberating feeling of not having a nail press into your flesh. 100 times better than when a GP did it - just not in the same league.


Brenda (Pukekohe)

"I have found the clinic very good towards my feet problems with no more aches and pains. Very good service."


"I have better feet now becuase of the treatment I have recieved from Jessica. I now can walk without the pain I had"


Henry (Waiuku)

Would definitely recommend Step up Podiatry to anybody who needs professional yet affordable podiatry work. I had an Ingrown toenail which was badly infected and ontop of that I was pregnant. I was offered the best and safest procedure for my situation. The operation did not hurt at all, the anesthetic was over and done with in a few ticks and to my surprise there was ZERO pain after the anesthetic wore off, healed well with only salt water washes. Thank you for everything now I don't have to worry about my kids bumping into my toe :)




I had been putting up with a badly infected toenail for almost 4 years before Jess worked her magic. As a teen I had a GP try 3 times to fix my other toe (which is now an ugly mess) and it put me off completely. Let me just say that Jessica is in a league entirely of her own. I actually didn't believe her when she said she was done - it was painless! I was also dreading sitting with my feet up for days afterwards while my toe healed - with a toddler and a baby it was going to be impossible. But the very next day I was walking around like nothing had happened! Pain free for the first time in years. My back pain eventually came right too and finally I am not embarassed by my toes - get your feet fixed by Jessica! It will change your life.


Kathryn (Auckland)

"By far the best podiatry clinic in the Franklin area. I was really happy with Step Up Podiatry. If anyone has ingrown toenails they are amazing at fixing them!"



Thanks Jess & Julia for your awesome work today - the toe's feeling pretty good. I really appreciate the lovely care and attention you took with my toe :-)


B.Cox (Pukekohe)


"I hurt my foot really bad in BJJ and Jessica helped me get through my competition without having to give up for the year as I was told by my GP. Amazing foot person! Jessica really understood my need to compete and tailored my treatment to this. No doubt I will be back with more problems in the future.. pity you don't treat faces!"




I had a heavenly foot experience today, first ever podiatry treatment and will definitely be back! No more fungal nails and corns!!




"The service that is offered to those of us who need help with out problem feet is a real bonus amd I really appreciate the service offered by Jessica"


Aileen (Waiuku)


“My toe was swollen and it was painful to even move. At first I was really scared to get my toe nail cut out I thought it would be super painful, but I didn’t feel a thing.It was a very good job done"


Nathaniel Lim


"The problem started with my right toe and after Jessica treated me me the pain of the ingrown nail is totally gone. At this point in time I am getting my left toe treated and already seeing great results from her treatment. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY. Dr. Jessica has an extremely great ‘hand’ at treating"




"Great service and lovely people! I'm sending everyone here I know with foot problems! You have such a kind heart!"

















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