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Free foot checks for all children under 2!

At Step Up Podiatry we are happy to announce that we now have free consultations for children under the age of 2. This is for anyone who is concerned about their child's feet or walking and would like to have a consultation free of charge. We are offering this service becuase so many problems that affect children that are picked up early have a much better success rate with treatment. Problems we often see are:

Flat Feet

Pigeon Toes

Tip Toe Walking

Bow legs

Delayed Walking

Curly Toes

If you are worried about your toddlers toes please book in with our pediatric specilaist Jessica Tennant who will advise if any treatment in the future would be required to give you peace of mind.

Call us on 0800 111 224 to make your appointment, or you can book online!

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