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Winter foot care tips!

Cold weather can lead to a variety of foot-related complications. Don't let winter stop you in your tracks and follow the tips below:


Warm socks will provide you with an adequate layer of insulation from ground-chill. Natural Fiber socks are best; both wool or cotton. Natural materials will help to prevent moisture build up and fungal infections.

Warm up slowly

Take care when warming up cold feet. Do not stand too close to heaters and fire – this can cause chilblains.


Decrease the risk of slips and falls this winter with good quality shoes. Look for footwear that is water proof and has adequate grip. Remember not to wear shoes that are tight. You should be able to comfortably wear socks with them.

Remember to look at your feet!

Most people have their feet covered in winter. Remember to keep your feet moisturised, focusing on dry areas like your heels. Keep an eye out for areas of callus and corns. If these areas becomes painful or you are concerned, please contact us!

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