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What to expect: Sports injury treatment

Often people ask what do podiatrists do? And often we are not the first practitioner people see when they have a sports injury. So here are a few handy tips to share with you what your podiatrist is able to do:

If you require imaging for an injury like an X-ray or Ultrasound podiatrists are able to refer you for these.

If you need to fill out an ACC claim, you do not need to visit your GP first.

In a typical appointment, the following can be used in our clinics:

Myofacsial release

Sports massage

Exercise prescription

Sports taping

Moon boot fitting


Extra-corpeal shockwave treatment

Kinesio taping

Footwear advice and modficiations

Biomechanical assessment to check for any factors pre-disposing you to injury

Referral to other health providers such as a sports physician, orthopedics, physiotherapy, acupuncture etc

Two important things that your podiatrist is not able to do is prescribe you with anti-inflammatories (we can only advise you speak with a pharmacist) and refer for MRI scans.

Our clinics also have a 60 minute initial assessment to ensure a thorough assessment and full treatment session, utilizing as many skills our sports podiatrists have acquired at university and post-graduate studies.

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