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Parkinson's Disease and Your Feet

Patients with Parkinson's can experience a great deal of foot problems, along with many other health issues. Quite often the feet are neglected, but today we will discuss what you foot problems may arise from Parkinson's Disease, and what you can do about it.

Most people suffering from Parkinson's disease experience walking problems, loss of balance and poor posture. Some people have what we call a shuffle gait where the normal heel to toe gait pattern is replaced by a walking style with short strides and very little lifting of the feet. This type of walking can cause problems like knee pain, or areas of callus or pain on the foot.

Balance is a serious issue, and people with Parkinson's are more prone to having falls and fall related injuries.

Podiatrists are able to help care for your feet if you have areas of hard skin, thick nails or corns. We also can provide orthotics/insoles to alleviate foot pain and increase stability. We are also able to provide information on footwear that is suitable for each person, no matter what type of foot you may have.

Our podiatrists are trained in kinesio tape application and may be able to help with gait and balance, currently this is only available at our Pukekohe Clinic.

Podiatrists are not able to treat Parkinson's itself, but we can help alleviate the foot symptoms. If you have Parkinson's or someone you know does, please feel free to give us a call to see how we can help.

0800 111 224

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