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Children's Foot Specialist

We are going to be updating our personal information here on our blog, so who better to start with than Jessica! As many of you know, Jessica is the owner of Step Up Podiatry and has transformed the clinic into 4 busy clinics in just over a year. She currently has a 10 month old, and is a visiting consultant in all of our clinics.

Jessica has worked in sports clinics, and in diabetes care for a long time but a little known fact about Jessica is that she is very passionate about children's feet. Jessica owned a children's podiatry clinic for 7 years and during that time worked with children with disabilities and severe leg and foot problems. She is fantastic with younger people and is able to treat many things that others may not know a podiatrist can do. Jessica has vast experience working with kinesio tape to enhance muscle function, especially in children who are slow to walk, and also has seen so many cases of flat feet she says "there is not one flat foot that we have seen that we couldn't help"

Jessica seems as though she has experience in eveything, but she really does. Her work experience overseas saw her treating some of the worlds best sports people, severe diabetic foot problems, children's foot and walking problems and many surgeries.

If you have a severe problem or something a little complicated, you will most likely be seen by Jessica :)

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