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Waiuku Netball

As many of you know, our podiatry clinic thoroughly enjoys being a part of the community and attending sports events and supporting athletes. This winter, we will have a sports podiatrist based at the Waiuku Netball center in the mornings offering the following:

- Free sports massage for any lower leg injuries

- Free treatment for any leg injuries

- Free footwear advice

- Free sports tape for any sports injuries (or $10 for any preventative tape)

- Free first aid care for any scrapes or grazes

You are reading correct! Everything is free!

We will be based in the first aid room, and no bookings are necessary, it will be first in first served :)

If you have any pain, injuries, or any problems with your legs, feel free to have a chat with our podiatrist who is a premier netball player for Auckland!

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