Blister Prevention - How Podiatry can help!

Hi guys, as there are many walks and marathons coming up, in preparation for this here is some info on how you should care for your feet well in advance! :) By now you should have: - Been professionally fitted in the most appropriate shoe for your foot type and shape. You will have ideally done several long training walks of 25+Km in your chosen shoes. - Purchased a good pair of socks that wick moisture away and have padding around the back of the heel. - Know your feet's hot spots for forming blisters. - The key is to be prepared for blisters. There may be podiatrists at your event to help treat your blisters, however it is always best to be able to treat them yourself. - Be sensible with your footwear the week before the event. You do not want to be starting the event with a blister on your foot from wearing a pair of high heels at work the day before.

- See a Podiatrist to remove any excessive areas of calluses but let the Podiatrist know that you will be partaking in an event so that they do not remove too much of the callus. Calluses are the skins way of protecting itself from areas of high pressure and friction. However if calluses are left too thick they are likely to become uncomfortable and form deep blisters underneath them during your event. - Apply a moisturising foot and heel balm to feet each night before bed in the week leading up to the event. - Trim toenails so they are short and neat. If you leave your toenails long they are likely to become bruised and even potentially fall off. - Relax and get plenty of good quality sleep so you feel refreshed and have fresh legs for the event.

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